Information privacy policy

1. Personal information

When registering new account, you may be required to provide some personal information as name, telephone number, email address...
- When declaring personal information, You should ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of all information declared, we do not bear any responsibilities relating to the law of information declared.
- We use provided information to manage your account; provide the updated version for your application or optimize your user experience.

2. Privacy
- We are committed to being the only one that has the right to capture and use your information in accordance with the contents specified in this "Privacy Policy". We are committed to protecting your personal information by all means from being retrieved, used or disclosed unwantedly
- We may disclose your personal information in cases prescribed by law or required by a competent court.

3. Commitment
- We assure that we will not intentionally collect any personal information unless You voluntarily provide.
- By providing us your personal information, You also mean to obviously know our intention of exploiting the data for what purpose and we have been approved on the use of those data.

4. Change of information and privacy policy
- Your personal information will be stored indefinitely in our server, and at any time You can edit your personal information.
- The content of this "Privacy Policy" can change to fit our needs as well as the demand and feedback from customers. When updating this policy, we will revise the time of "Last Updated".

5. Contact
- If You have any questions, comments, contact or feedback on this "Privacy Policy", please send to the following email: